Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunny, Windy - 70 Degrees

Good morning from Florida!

Longan: Closely allied to the glamorous lychee,
also known as dragon's eye or eyeballPersimmons, Honey Tangerines, and Asian Pears

Honey Tangerine is also known as Murcott orange and is grown only in Florida
Gὰ nấu măng, chị Thảo nấu ngon giống của “U” nấu.

Breakfast: Walnut cranberry toast, cherry yogurt

Walnut crusted grouper, potato, saute straw mushrooms


Chu said...

Il fait beau et le ciel est bleu,le fleur a fleuriet les fruits
sont delicieuse.

nopham said...

Il est ensoleillé, chaud et humide.