Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clay Arts by Nina

This is one of Nina's classes with Eckerd College, held at the St Pete Arts Center. Her first project was making a tea set using the pinch pot method. "Boy, was that a pain"!
However doing the sgriffito work on the outside was fun. (that's the design work) And for once - Nina found a glaze that did exactly what it looks like in the picture!
Then soft slabs - that's the leaf piece and the face on the mirror came from the other soft slab that Nina broke. We rolled slabs then put them over an assortment of shaped objects, spoons, bowls, small baskets. All the "stuff" was bunched together and the slab placed on it to dry. Then you work with the shaped slab to create something - hence the leaf.
Then came the coil project and that had to be 16 inches high or wide, so you can see Nina choose wide for this one. Nina did do a tall one too, but it came out of the glaze process looking like a black piece with bird poop on it!!! So no picture of that one-.-And the mirror, well seems since Nina broke several pieces during the process - more than anyone else in the class - very appropriate to make slabs and intentionally break them for her project!!!...........Too much fun!!!!!!

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