Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wedding Day

Backyard wedding
Wedding cake
Iced white ginger sugar cookies
and of course egg rolls

Front door
Back door


Cezar and Léia said...

This is a "dream"! Wonderful weeding pictures!
Your pictures are really beautiful!
I would like to thank you for so kind comment in my "photo"blog about our trip to USA in 2007.
( Breakfast in America ).
Léia :)
Bonjour Luxembourg

Jacob said...

Wow! What a wedding, and what a site for a wedding! It is true that most of the bakery goods offered were created by yourself, right?

Beautiful photos, too! I like the red and black colors.

nopham said...

Thank you for your kind comments, but I didn't bake all the bakery goods.

Jacob said...

You didn't? Well, the people attending were the poorer for it, I'm sure!

Have a wonderful day!

Are you back home in St. Pete?

nopham said...

Yes, we're home...working on Cedar Key trip...want to get cottage #4 @ the Pirate Cove...on the water and beautiful view. Did you sell your house?

Jacob said...

The Pirate Cove is perfect! Would you like a couple of visitors sometime?

Yes, we sold our house within two weeks. We received two offers. The second a couple who walked through the door and fell in love with it as we had five years ago. We were hoping for this to happen.

They knew we had another offer pending so offered us more than our asking price and we made the deal.

So far, everything has gone smoothly. We were worried about the appraisal in lieu of the market conditions, but heard today that it came in higher than they needed! Yeah!!!!!

So, we're good to go, unless something unforeseen happens and will close on the 22nd!

Thanks for asking.

It's going to warm up eventually, right?

nopham said...

Congratulations! We knew you would sell your house. It's such a beautiful house. Visitors are welcome anytime...Cedar Key or St. Pete, or UP Michigan.

Jacob said...

Okay! Let us know when you'll be in Cedar Key and if there's any way we can be there, we will - just to stop by and say "Hello." Maybe we could go out for a drink or cup of coffee or ?

nopham said...

...will do.. .wating for the weather to get a little warmer...and we have homemade thimbleberry for L.A. and you (as promised).