Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

70 violins for our tree

Back door
Front door
Santa with his hot air balloon.... for our mailman


Jacob said...

I like all of these! You put all those violins on your tree? Are you a violinist?

I'm a shrinking, wait, that's a shrinking violet. Sorry!

Methinks you folks do like the holiday season!

Hope all is well!

Jacob said...

Nice to hear from you again! You must be in Florida at the moment - I never know, you gad about so much! ;-)

We're just so busy, I haven't had time to post or even think about commenting for a couple of days and I don't think it's going to get much better for a few weeks.

Overall, though, things are sale as yet, but we've had several people look at the house.

It's been very cold and rainy here and what with the holidays coming up, I doubt we'll see much activity 'til after the first of the year!

Best wishes to you!

Jacob said...

Thanks for all your kind words! Hope you have a wonderful week - and that it warms up a bit! Yikes!

Jacob said...

Thanks for your kind words on Ocala DP!

We're getting there, slowly but surely. We've had several people look at the house, but no offers as yet. A woman came through with her realtor this afternoon - her third time! Maybe we'll get an offer tomorrow.

We're closing on the 21st, move on the 22nd, have stuff being delivered on the 23rd along with cable and telephone people.

On the 24th we're coming back here to clean. The on the 25th we head to Ft. Lauderdale for Christmas with our youngest daughter and family. Back to our new place on the 26th and start unpacking!


Hope all is well with you!