Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Severe Thunderstorm

A tornado passed by South Tampa at 6:15 pm, but did not touch down. We were without power for 4 hours. We had the most beautiful candlelight dinner with fruits, cake, pie, and dark chocolate.
Pannukakku and bilberry sauce
Lunch: Kumquat Pie
Dinner: Kumquat Pie and Black Cherry Cheesecake
Kumquat Pie....yummmmmmm


Jacob said...

So much food, so little time; and it all looks incredibly delicious!

Maybe you ought to open a little bakery plus shop in Cedar Key!

Hao said...

au bon pain!

nopham said...

......and my only 2 customers are L.Anne and you! Thank for your suggestion!

Jacob said...

You can be sure we would some of your best customers!