Friday, May 8, 2009

Baking for Mother's Day

Butter Cookies

Black Cherry Cheesecake Squares

Key Lime Squares
Key Lime/Calamondin Pie


Ann said...

May I ask, is Nopham a Vietnamese name? I was reading some of your old posts trying to figure out. I have many Vietnamese friends, and now I have a little 6 year old Vietnamese student.

Our weather turned out a "Bad" welcome for Andy. He comes from Sydney and didn't realise that our weather can be so cold. We had the coldest so far. 7 degrees. I hope he is not catching a cold.

I gave him some of the good NZ Manuka honey because he is getting a sore throat. They sell it in USA.



Ann said...

Sorry to compliment you on your baking skill.


nopham said...

Glad to hear you have many VNese you can add another VNese friend to your list. (o-O)

Hao said...

Au bon pain, bonbon.