Friday, March 5, 2010

Nice Day, Cooler, 64 degrees


Jacob said...

Lovely shots on a cool morning. Hasn't this weather been awful? We've lived in Florida for 25 years and have never seen anything like it. It's 8:40 here and still only 35 degrees. We were below freezing again last night!

Still better than below zero and 20 feet of snow!

Nice to hear from you again...I've thought of you often and checked your blog a few times, and decided you were probably traveling...

Sorry to hear about Karl's mom. That's scary and probably means she needs surgery...maybe?

We're going to head to Cedar Key soon...I'm running out of photos! Are you still planning to spend some time at the cottages?

Maybe we'll see you soon!

Best wishes!

Jacob said...

Thank you for the note...I'll get together with Lois and we'll come up with some possible dates and work this out! Sounds like great fun!